b. Albania 1993

Working across a scope of discursive and formal mediums including spatial practices, video and performance, my practice considers the body in relationship to spaces we inhabit and its psychological resonance. Repetition is often embedded in the process or the work itself, speaking toward the ongoing routines of everyday life. 

Drawing from personal experiences and daily social rituals, I have most recently been concerned with the representation of the body and female subjectivity through the medium of video, as a means to draw the internal outward. Furthermore  I seek to complicate constructed female social norms and the role of the camera by either directly or indirectly addressing such concerns in my work.


2016  -    Completed Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) with First Class Honours - Monash University.  

2015  -    Completed Bachelor Of Fine Arts - Monash University (A semester of which was 

               undertaken in Italy, as part of Monash’s Prato program from which a handful

               of students where chosen).


2019 - Say It Like You Mean It - Rubicon Ari, Melbourne

- La La, Loop Project Space - Melbourne

- From Becoming To Belonging, Group Show - Rubicon Ari, Melbourne

2018 - Present Tense - Heritage Hill Museum, Dandenong.

2017 -      Arbitrium/ Freewill - Fusion Art Gallery, Torino Italy

         -     Debut XII - Blindside, Melbourne ARI

         -      She - Walkers Street Gallery, Dandenong 

2016 -      MADA Now (honours) - Monash University 

         -      Halfway Honoured , Group Show - Batch, Caulfield Artist Run Gallery      

         -     Windows XII, Group Show - Dirty Dozen Camberwell Arcade Flinders

2015 -     MADA Now - Monash University Grad Show 

         -     MADA Open Day, curated by Daniel Von Strummer

2014 -     Dérive, Group Show - Monash University Prato Campus

2013 -     Best of Friends, Group Show - Shepparton Art Museum


Fusion Art Gallery, Torino Italy  (July -November)


2016 -    Bearbrass Prize

         -    Blindside Debut XIII Award

2015 -    Les Kossatz Memorial Prize



2014 -    Careof, Milano Italy 


Experience / Jobs

           -     Museum Assistant at Shepparton Art Museum since 2012

2017   -     Artist's & Curator's Talk, Blindside ARI.

2016  -      Artist talk Shepparton Art Museum

          -     Help in the installing process, and performed in Fiona Macdonald's Opening Act, 

                West Space, Melbourne.

2013   -    Volunteered on occasion at Gallery Kaiela